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Wood is beautiful, especially California Coastal Redwood. Handcrafted redwood, with the proper protective finish, can last a long time and keep its colorful grain looking fresh.

Much of this site is still in development, as is my woodworking journey for that matter. But in the meantime, have a look around, if the links work. If you have questions, suggestions, or would like to inquire further about my products and plans, just email me using the Email link on the left main menu.


CandleLightHouse, with internal LEDs and candle.

Introducing CandleLightHouse

This new design is a tea light candle holder on a tower resembling a lighthouse. It stands just under 16 inches (about 40 centimeters) tall. The lighthouse tower is internally lighted with LEDs. This illuminates the windows, door, and partially illuminates the votive candle holder at the top. In this picture there is a lighted candle in the candle holder.

The same as above, not lighted

Here is a photo of the above CandleLightHouse without the lights on and with no candle. You can see the difference between the background oak panelling and the redwood. These are made of California redwood heartwood. I hand-select the redwood to be mostly the deep red of the heartwood while allowing for a bit of sapwood which makes occasional lighter grained streaks. You can see the lighter sapwood in the base of the lighthouse in the photo.